Could drinking be damaging your décolletage?

It is a well known fact that alcohol isn’t really very good for you. But we all still enjoy a drink of wine with dinner and the occasional tipple after work in the week. But could this be causing our skin to suffer?

A 40 year old woman from Falkirk underwent a detox from any alcoholic beverages and allowed for her progress to be photographed, allowing us all to see the changes it made to her skin. The difference after just 4 weeks is astounding. Her skin looks smoother, younger and her complexion has been greatly improved. All of this achieved by simply cutting out her 15 units of alcohol a week, one unit above the recommended alcohol consumption for women. She has seen a fantastic change, and not only has her skin improved but tis will also take the load off her organs that may have also incurred some damage due to alcohol, as it can have a detrimental affect on all parts of the body.

For more tips about how to decide what you eat and drink and how it affects your body, go to our ‘Lifestyle Tips’ page. Remember next time you put a wine glass to your lips, what affect it could have on your overall appearance, and that if you are going to drink it, moderation is key and not simply just to avoid the dreaded hangover!

Take a look at the picture diary and read more about the detoxifying journey on the Daily Mail link below:

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