Superstition or fact? The truth behind some well known old wives tales surrounding certain foods

carrots1Have you ever wondered how much truth is in the tales that our parents and grandparents told us to encourage us to eat our dinner? Have you ever seen the results from eating more carrots to improve your night vision, or had nightmares as a result of eating cheese before bed time? Well, now all has been revealed by an article posted recently in the Daily Mirror, as they investigated the truth behind our age old sayings.

It is often shared amongst families, that eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but how effective is it really? According to a doctor interviewed by the Mirror, apples actually are an effective staple in your daily diet as they contain high levels of vitamin C which promotes lots of health benefits, and also the apple skin can help lower cholesterol. Vitamin C is great for your skin and when consumed as part of a healthy lifestyle, alongside the use of collagen producing creams like Stratum C, it can help your skin to look at its best.

Another of the facts separated from the fiction that I found most intriguing, was that freezing vegetables does not make them lose any of their nutrients. According to the article, the nutrients in fruit and vegetables are only lost through over cooking or natural ageing of the item itself, but if frozen when fresh, the food will keep all the good stuff, ready for you to cook up a nice healthy supper full of wholesome winter veg, at your convenience and not because you ‘have to use it all up before it goes off’.

Have a look at the original article and see how many of the ‘pearls of wisdom’ you have assumed to be true, just as we all did when Granny told us to ‘eat our greens’ to grow big and strong, or ‘finish our chicken soup’ when we were poorly.

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