Don’t try and keep up with the gents drinking habits, as alcohol can have a worse effect on women than men

UnknownWe all know that drinking can be bad for you. Alcohol Concern’s latest campaign is helping to raise more awareness of the consequences of drinking regularly and the differences it has on men and women, as women are more susceptible to alcohol related illness due to not being able to process and digest alcohol as easily as men do.

A recent article in The Telegraph explains how women are far more likely to be diagnosed with alcohol related issues because our liver’s are not has strong and our bodies have a higher ratio of fat and not water, meaning that it is more difficult to dilute alcohol in the body. Many women are often diagnosed as having an alcohol problem even if they do not drink ‘high’ amounts, as it is claimed that many women do not realise that they have a much lower alcohol tolerance than men.

Alcohol Concern has launched their Dry January campaign to challenge people to have a month of no drinking whatsoever after emerging from their ‘christmas blur’. This follows increasing concerns about the rising levels of hospital admissions for women being treated for alcohol related illnesses, which rose by 91 percent between 2002 and 2012.

The effects of alcohol on the human body can cause major problems, such as early menopause, accelerated ageing, liver disease, cancers and not to mention, ultimately addiction or death. In 2011, it is reported that nearly 3000 women died from alcohol related illnesses. It has also been reported that the numbers of young women drinking more regularly and in larger amounts is also increasing.

The recommended alcohol level for women per day is 2-3 units or one glass of wine, but even this on a daily basis can increase your chances of getting ill. Why not try and take the Dry January challenge and replace alcohol for water, to see if it makes a difference to your health, your overall appearance and well being. Cutting your alcohol intake could significantly improve your health, which has been shown to be true by several studies over the past few decades. This could help lead to a healthier lifestyle, prolonged life and could ease your menopause symptoms, or put off menopause for a bit longer if you’re not quite there yet, not to mention that your skin will be greatly improved and more hydrated if you replaced a glass of booze for good old H2O.

To read the original article, click the link below:

To find out more about alcohol and women, visit Drink Aware and to see more on the Dry January Campaign, visit Alcohol Concern:

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