Beautiful Skin: Foods that will make you glow

Beautiful Health

We all want clear, healthy, beautiful skin. But sometimes it’s difficult. Products can dry our skin out, or chemicals can clog pores.

More importantly, what we eat often shows on our skin; it affects us from the inside out.

Unhealthy foods can cause breakouts, while healthy foods with high water content (such as fresh fruit or veg… or water itself) can give us that clear complexion we love.

Food is so important to our skin that I’ve decided to make a list of foods you should keep in your kitchen cupboard for healthy skin.

Almonds for beautiful skin

Almonds: These tasty little nuts provide tonnes of goodness for your skin. They are filled to bursting point with antioxidants, which will cleanse and eliminate toxins from your body, giving you that beautiful skin you long for.

They are also a great source of vitamin E. Many of us will rub vitamin E creams on our…

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