Making the ‘bittersweet’ sugar sacrifice for your skin

We all know that sugar is bad for us, but did you know that it also damages our collagen leading to accelerated ageing of the skin?

Sweet SnacksFirstly, let’s not get Glucose and Fructose confused. Glucose is a sugar that is found in every living cell and is an essential part of our diet. Fructose is the sugar that can cause all sorts of health problems when eaten excessively and is present in a whole host of foods including fizzy drinks, fruit juices, junk food and sweets. A little in moderation is fine but over eating sugar can cause you to age quicker, according to a study published in Clinics in Dermatology in 2010.

The process is called ‘Glycation’, which is what happens when sugars attach themselves to proteins collagen and elastin, forming harmful molecules called ‘advanced glycation end products’ or ironically ‘AGE’s’, causing collagen and elastin levels to become damaged.

As you will know from previous Stratum C blog articles, collagen and elastin are what keep your skin looking plump and smooth. If these proteins become weaker in the skin, not only does this cause skin sagging and wrinkles, but it can also leave you more prone to sun damage from free radicals, due to a depleted level of antioxidant protection in the skin.

So our top tips for this month are: avoid sugary food and drink; top up your anti-oxidant levels; protect your skin with Stratum C. With Easter approaching, there are a lot more sweet things on show and sometimes they may be hard to resist. Try satisfying that sweet craving with something tasty AND high in anti-oxidants, such as: blueberries, grapes, red berries, sweet potatoes, herbal tea, oranges, kiwi, mango, apricot and apples. These are also great sources of essential vitamins and low in calories – an added bonus!

In addition to a healthy diet, Stratum C products contain ingredients to help protect and repair skin from collagen and elastin damage, and also sun damage. Protect Cream and repair Serum contain natural sources of anti-oxidants whilst being packed with collagen boosting, wrinkle reducing peptides to renew your skin’s healthy glow. Stratum C Gentle Cleanser and Calming Toner are packed with botanical extracts rich in anti-oxidant power, including CoQ10 in the Calming Toner, and even the inclusion of Hyaluronic Acid for added moisturising benefits. The Pigment Correction Gel is rich in Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid to protect the skin from free radicals, support collagen synthesis, and also contains natural extracts which reduce and prevent age spots.

You can find out more about Stratum C Menopause Skin Care by visiting our website, including help pages on dietary tips for healthy skin during menopause.


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