Australia has banned all sun beds to reduce skin cancer deaths

Earlier this week, it was announced that the Queensland government were banning all commercial sun beds to try and prevent more people from getting skin cancer. Since then, other Australian states have piped up saying that they too wish to support the movement, and it looks as though all commercial sun beds will be banned across the country by 31 December next year.

Research has shown that there is a highly increased risk of skin cancer due to the use of sun beds, compared to those who have never used one. Tests also showed that if you start young, as in before the age of 35, you are 87% more likely to develop melanoma.

Skin cancer is a highly under rated cancer, as many ignore the warnings given by health specialists that advise to protect your skin from the sun at all costs. According to Cancer Research UK, cases of melanoma have doubled in the last decade. The Australian ban was encouraged by other countries that have also banned solariums including Brazil and California. In the UK, only under 18’s are banned from using them, though I wonder if this is enough or if they should be banned altogether considering the damage they can do? Would you use a sun bed knowing the risks could be fatal? Or are you a regular sun bed user who has never had any issues? Follow our thread on Facebook – ‘Stratumc’

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