Coffee can greatly improve your skin according to beauty industry insiders

A few weeks ago, we posted an article about the benefits of coffee in relation to preventing certain types of cancer. Well now we have heard that beauty industry insiders are now using actual coffee in their daily beauty regime, as apparently it is good for your skin.

You have probably heard of eye roll ons with added caffeine to brighten those dreaded bags, or caffeine shampoo to revive you hair, but recently in the Huffington Post, an article was written with regards to making a home made scrub using actual coffee. Here’s why…

Coffee contains lots of anti-oxidants and therefore helps to protect against what are known as free radicals, which are produced as a result of the oxidisation of organic molecules. This can help prevent premature ageing of the skin.


Caffeine also helps with inflammation and swelling, which is why it is sometimes used in beauty products to reduce ‘puffy’ eyes. Whilst there may be some truth in how caffeine can help with these sorts of ailments, the rest of the article in the Huffington Post about making your own body scrub from ground coffee beans, seems a little unrelated to the fact it’s coffee, but more because the texture of the coffee will help to exfoliate the skin, though I can see how the small amount of caffeine this could produce on the skin’s surface may have some benefits.

Either way you look at it, coffee does seem to have some health benefits. Though before you go consuming loads of espresso’s, remember that too much caffeine can increase your heart rate and can have an adverse affect on your levels of stress, or cause heart related problems. Therefore you should probably only drink coffee in moderation. If you have concerns or questions about the affects of caffeine you should consult a health professional.

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