Bone density decreases during menopause, but you could prevent it by taking up dance classes

It has been reported that by the time you arrive at menopause, your bone density has already started to deteriorate.

According to the article published yesterday on The Star Online, osteoporosis is more common in women as their bones are ‘smaller and lighter’, and also because the loss of oestrogen during and after menopause means that bone loss is increased due to the fact that oestrogen helps to protect your bones.

To help prevent osteoporosis, there are several things you can start doing early on in life to make sure you fend off problems like this until much later, or even forever…

Firstly, it is important to have a healthy diet consisting of pulses, nuts and legumes, vegetables, fruit and fish, as these are all good sources of vitamins, minerals and protein. For your bones especially, you should have a good intake of calcium, which can be found in dairy products, or for those who prefer to cut dairy from their diet, you can also find it in soya milk, leafy greens, as a supplement, and I’m sure I have even seen it in a special water type drink made to boost your immunity… either way, calcium will help your bones stay strong and increase bone mass early on, which will put you at an advantage later on when your bones start to break more easily.

It is also vital that you get at least 30 minutes heart pumping exercise per day, particularly in an activity that involves using your legs… as prolonged movement involved in dancing, aerobics, running, walking, skipping and jumping on the spot, strengthens your muscles, ligaments and joints. Next time someone offers you a night out with the girls, you should go! (Just try not to drink too much wine, as this could undo all the hard work you put in on the dance floor!)

Of course there are all the other healthy tips that you will find on our ‘Lifestyle tips’ page that will help you as a guide to healthy living which in turn can help relieve menopausal symptoms. Key tips are: eat right, drink less, don’t smoke and dance like nobody’s watching!

To read more on bone density and how it can affect us, read the article below published on The Star Online: