Human evolution to blame for menopause

If you have ever wondered why humans seem to be the only creatures to suffer from menopause, now there is an answer.

A professor at the University of Calgary has been carrying out some research on the menstrual cycles of our close relatives, apes. And she found some rather interesting results. She confirmed that although their ability to conceive withers during old age, they are still able to reproduce right until the end of their lives.

It is thought that over time, as humans have come to live for longer, our eggs have not adapted and we somehow outlive the life of our ovaries.

The research also showed that apes stop sharing food with their young after they stop breast feeding, whereas humans continue to feed and care for their children for many years after breastfeeding ceases. Therefore conclusions were also drawn that suggest female humans develop menopause to give them a break from reproducing and concentrate on the survival of their offspring.

I’m not sure if I would prefer to simply carry on reproducing! But I guess evolution has a way of working things out and evolving in a certain way for good reason… well, I would like to think there is a logic somewhere for the sake of my sanity!

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