Skin Science… how the skin of fish could encourage human wound healing

Although this doesn’t have much to do with anti-ageing or remedies for menopause symptoms, the skin intrigues us greatly and we always like to keep you up to date with what is happening in the world of science. The latest skin-science news has revealed a new form of technology that will enable the manipulation of fish skin into a substance that can be used to encourage human skin to heal, when we may be affected by an illness that prevents our skin from healing on its own. This new wound healing technology could help to prevent serious infections when the skin doesn’t quite want to grow back together.

This substance is known as Marigen Omega3 and has recently been approved by the FDA in America for safe use in human medicine. The “skin” is formed by removing the cells of the fish, leaving behind the connective tissue.

“These sheets of “skin” aren’t just whole fleshy slabs right off the fish. MariGen Omega3 consists of the layers of connective tissues that are left after the cells have been removed. The remaining material is known as extracellular matrix (ECM). The removal of the fish cells prevents any possible infection or immune reaction when applied to the patient’s wound.”

This connective tissue also contains Omega 3 lipids which can help reduce inflammation around the wound itself. The technology is thought to be a suitable replacement for the current use of a similar process that uses pig skin, as it is very similar to human skin. The fish alternative provides an alternative for those of different faiths where pig flesh is unsuitable, but the added bonus of fish skin containing natural omega 3 means that it may even be more effective. This is another astounding breakthrough in the world of science and technology, which never ceases to amaze us.

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