Best foods for your skin during menopause – from the Stratum C Menopause Skin Care Blog

We have put together a handy guide to the foods that will help to give your skin a nutritious boost and keep you glowing and healthy throughout Autumn and Winter. Continue reading

Sex or Food? Why not have both?

I’m not talking about at the same time…! But more specifically would like to share with you the facts about food that can help you to make the most of your sex life, and improve your skin, moods and general health and well being.

Every woman knows that menopause is inevitable, but the more we learn about it, the more it horrifies us. From wrinkly skin to vaginal dryness, our peers don’t really paint a very good picture of what to look forward to in our 50’s. What we need to remember is that there is a light at the end of the dry and wrinkly tunnel and I would like to share with you some simple steps you can take that will send you on the road to living a fulfilled and healthy lifestyle.

During menopause, the changes in your hormones can often have a detrimental effect on your sex drive. But you shouldn’t let it get you down. There are several benefits from changing your diet that have been linked to increasing your craving for intimacy as well as satisfying your cravings for naughty nibbles.

One of the biggest, yet simplest, lifestyle changes you can make to improve your libido is your diet. A good place to start is to look for foods that contain the essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that are vital for staying healthy during menopause, and that can also help you find your mojo.

4-1378461394-eee1bSome delectable ingredients to get your teeth into, that are tasty and rich, but won’t give you that guilty feeling after you eat them, include: salmon, watermelon, dark chocolate, asparagus, oysters, blueberries, pumpkin seeds, garlic, avocado, and peanuts to name a few. These foods contain a range of good vitamins, minerals and essential fats (not like saturated fats but natural fats that your body needs to survive) that will keep you stay healthy and give you that added stamina for some extra curricular activity with your partner.

For the sweet tooth, blueberries, which are full of antioxidants and vitamins A, C and E, improve your skin and also help to build your immunity. They also improve circulation, encourage better blood flow. For the savory fan, salmon is full of omega oils, which can boost sex drive, brainpower and also improve your complexion. These are just a couple of the possibilities of the tasty foods available, to read more, click on the link below and find out how a spectrum of different delicious possibilities can help you make dinnertime and bedtime that little bit more interesting, but also keep you looking and more importantly, feeling young day-in, day-out.