Traces of some plastics can cause hormone imbalance

According to a study, scientists believe that some traces of plastics that can be found in drinking water bottles may be harmful to your health.

In 2010, it was discovered that the use of BPA or Bisphenol A, could be found in many products including baby bottles, and that it could cause problems with our hormone levels, including having a possible impact on reproduction. The man made chemical has now been banned in some countries due to its dangerous properties, but the latest study finds that some other, yet similar, components found in plastics could be leaving traces in our drinking water too.

The scientists found that out of 18 bottles tested:

“Results of the sample analysis showed that 13 bottles of water demonstrated antiestrogenic activity, while 16 of the bottles showed antiandrogenic activity.”

So if your hormones are erratic enough already (due to menopause or any other hormone related reason!), maybe next time you fancy a refreshing beverage from your local supermarche, you should opt for the glass bottle packaging? Just remember to recycle the bottle afterwards!

To read more, see the official article at Medical News Today: