Winter VS Menopause: Skin Care and Avoiding That Dreaded Cold

As we all know, menopause can bring with it many unwanted symptoms. Most notably, what we like to call ‘power surges’ that can make it feel like you have just run through a burning fire pit. Though during the winter … Continue reading

Alternative Menopause Remedies can include coconut water and colour therapy… how far would you go to stop hot flushes?

Here at Stratum C, we are always researching menopause related subjects to find out the latest news and views on how to treat menopausal symptoms, so that we can share our wisdom with you other menopausal ladies. From bird poo facials to vegetable supplements, we have read about the many, sometimes slightly strange, ways we may be able to relieve the seemingly persistent side effects of menopause.

UnknownNew in today’s findings, some suggestions about how your in take of coconut water, or aloe vera juice (which I can imagine tastes interesting) may help to relieve hot flushes. This was just one suggestion in a list of several unusual ways to find relief from the menopause.

According to a recent article on an American news website (link below), these unusual practices could help to make you feel better. Tips include:

– painting your bedroom blue, as blue is a cool colour and is psychologically calming, therefore encouraging your brain to assume you are in a cooler, calmer environment.

– Japanese fruit – ‘Umeboshi’ – similar to the apricot, is supposed to be good for hot flushes, mood swings and headaches when eaten.

– adding antioxidants and herbal supplements into your diet, which you may say is not that unusual, but it is also not proven to actually make any difference specifically to menopausal symptoms as far as we know (though antioxidants are supposedly a good part of any normal diet).

– A triple daily dose of 4oz Aloe Vera juice mixed with water or fruit juice, or alternatively coconut water, is supposed to help with cooling the body and is apparently good for your liver, though it is also stated that the ‘dosage’ required depends on the person and it is not an exact science.

All these weird and wonderful remedies are worth a try if you are suffering with hot flushes and nothing else is doing the trick. Hot flushes seem to be the worst and least treatable symptom for many women going through ‘the change’. Aside from a recently FDA approved drug, there doesn’t seem to be much else we can do other than experiement with natural remedies and see if mother nature deals us an ace. If you prefer the natural way, then these alternative therapies may be for you, whilst others may wish to stick to the regimes they already have in place.

If you have any tips to share with other like minded ladies, please comment below or visit our forum. You can also find us on facebook by searching Stratumc. Just remember that before you make any big changes to the way you treat your symptoms, always talk it over with a health professional first.

To read the full article referenced above, click the link below:

Hot Flushes Extinguished

Hot flushes are a problem for many menopausal women, never subsiding, ever worsening and seemingly getting in the way of everyday life. For years, many have pondered over finding a solution and thus far, no one has been all that successful. Until now. Doctors in the US may have stumbled upon some new drugs that, once distributed, will help to extinguish hot flushes and help regain a little normality for so many women who are going through ‘the change’.

It is estimated that as many as 2 million women are currently entering menopause, the figures reflected by the ‘baby boomers’ all reaching the appropriate age. Menopause brings many unwanted symptoms, most of which can be alleviated, but hot flushes have always been a thorn in the side of the women sufferers and the doctors trying to help them.

The FDA is said to have recently approved the drug and according to researchers, the drug will not only be effective for hot flushes, but could also help to prevent postmenopausal osteoporosis.

According to the news article below from ‘Dallas News’, Dr. JoAnn Pinkerton said, “This is a very promising time for women who suffer from hot flashes,” who took part in the research involved with creating the new drugs. The findings were presented to the North American Menopause Society yesterday. Let’s just hope that the drugs become available in the UK and even globally too, and this could be the answer to so many hot flush sufferers everywhere. Let’s keep our eyes peeled to see what happens!

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There are currently around 2 million menopausal women living in the UK. When you search for advice online, there are lots of help articles about hot flushes and vaginal dryness, but very few places where you can find information about how to care for menopausal skin. 

During menopause your skin loses its elasticity and the levels of collagen, produced by your body, fall dramatically which means lots of wrinkles and it can mean permanent damage if your skin is not cared for properly during this time. The 5 year period from the start of menopause is where the effects will do the most damage, and so it is essential that you identify how to prepare for, care for and cater to your skin’s needs. 

This site is dedicated to raising the awareness of skin care during the menopause, and to offer women a place to come to get the latest news and advice about what’s out there. 

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