Welcome to Menopause Skin Care

There are currently around 2 million menopausal women living in the UK. When you search for advice online, there are lots of help articles about hot flushes and vaginal dryness, but very few places where you can find information about how to care for menopausal skin. 

During menopause your skin loses its elasticity and the levels of collagen, produced by your body, fall dramatically which means lots of wrinkles and it can mean permanent damage if your skin is not cared for properly during this time. The 5 year period from the start of menopause is where the effects will do the most damage, and so it is essential that you identify how to prepare for, care for and cater to your skin’s needs. 

This site is dedicated to raising the awareness of skin care during the menopause, and to offer women a place to come to get the latest news and advice about what’s out there. 

You can also visit our Forum, http://www.menopauseskin.createaforum.com, for some friendly advice and also for sharing any help tips that you may have with other like minded women. 

We hope you find our site useful and please feel free to re-post and share our site with your friends, we would like to reach as many women as possible!

All the Best,

The Menopause Skin Care Team