Fruit and Veg… and it’s many miracle uses!

We are always keen to learn of the latest superfood’s and ways in which to get the most out of our daily diet. A recent scientific study at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus is currently undertaking an experiment to see if a smoothie per day compares to regular water intake and if we are under utilising many fruits and vegetables that are available to us.

The experiment will see subjects monitored for their diet over a period of 6 weeks, half of which will drink purified mineral water and the other half will drink smoothies that contain ‘carotenoid’, as it was found that people that ate more fruit and vegetables were more likely to have a more ‘golden colour’ to their skin, which is considered healthier and therefore more attractive. We look forward to seeing the results from the smoothie experiment to see if science can give us the best advice for how to apply our diet to our skin care regime.

Another useful food that has been talked about a lot recently is the Cucumber. The cucumber is a well known anti-inflammatory aid that is often pictured covering women’s eyes during various beauty treatments. It is also around 95% water and so has excellent hydrating properties. What is not so well known are the other extraordinary uses for this wonderful fruit (it is a fruit, we checked) that include some of the following:

– If you rub a slice on a mirror, it prevents the mirror becoming foggy.

– Phytochemicals in cucumber can help bad breath.

– Cucumbers are the perfect pick me up or hangover cure as they contain plenty of sugars, B Vitamins and water to help replenish lost nutrients in your body.

– Cucumbers have been claimed to help prevent certain types of cancer, help diabetes, relieves arthritis, improves joint health and can lower cholesterol, amongst other claims. All in all, a good food to eat as part of your ‘5 a day’.

Other great fruit and veg for your skin include sweet potatoes, pumpkin, kale, papaya, spinach, blueberries, carrots, strawberries, kiwi, orange, blackcurrants, broccoli and tomatoes. These all contain anti-oxidants like Vitamin C and/or betacarotene, which help to improve skin tone and maintain healthy skin development.

If you are planning to start the year with a new, healthier diet then it may be worth adding a few of the above to your shopping list!

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A smoothie way to improve skin appearance

By Andrew McDougall+, 07-Jan-2014

A group of university students have taken to a specially designed smoothie diet in an attempt to see if it will help improve skin appearance.