Phthalates found in make up can bring on early menopause

Having been scanning the internet to find out about make up for sensitive skin, I came across an article that tells of a study conducted on 5,700 women, showing that high levels of phthalates in their blood or urine, could be linked to early menopause.

Phthalates are esters which derive from phthalic acid and are often added to plastics to improve their flexibility, transparency, durability, and longevity. They have been linked to ever increasing concerns over health matters, such as premature births and early menopause, as there are still many products that use phthalates as a cheap ingredient. I would like to think that all companies no longer use the ingredient, of which some companies do avoid the ingredient altogether due to the damage it can do to our bodies, but according to the study that was carried out earlier this year, it seems we may still be putting them on our skin and not realising.

Many of the women that had high concentrations of phthalates in their body were also said to have entered menopause on average 2.3 years earlier than the women who did not have any, or as much phthalate chemical in their bodies. Other research has shown that the chemical has also been responsible for some premature births and complications during pregnancy.

If you are someone that wears make up everyday or even just quite often, make sure you are checking the label to see what you could be putting on your skin before you buy it. It may be worth spending a little more on a higher quality foundation or blush, to ensure that you are using only the best ingredients, as your skin can absorb them and this could prove detrimental if the ingredients are harmful to your health. Take care to speak to a make-up advisor, make sure you read the ingredients list, and always use samples first.

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