The Power of Peptides: Menopause Skin Care

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The Benefits of Aloe Vera

The Benefits of Aloe Vera

We have all heard of Aloe Vera, the plant used for its therapeutic properties and popularly used as a natural emollient, due to it being gentle, calming and soothing making it the perfect choice for skincare. Aloe, or ‘Aloe Barbadensis’, is full of nutritional benefits for your body and very popular amongst skin care manufacturers as it is packed with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids. It is also a perfect astringent, making Aloe the essential ingredient for a toner due to its deep cleaning, hydrating, moisturising and rejuvenating effects.

ID-10076222With so many choices out there, it can be difficult choosing which skin care product is best for you. Having the right levels of Aloe Vera and other active and natural ingredients in your skincare regime will make all the difference.


Aloe has mild healing qualities and is also known to kill bacteria, and when used as part of a skin toner, it delivers all the benefits into freshly cleansed skin.

Toners gently close the pores,  so using Aloe will confidently leave the skin perfectly clean, nourished and healed. Aloe Vera has properties which allow it to reach deeper body tissues, taking all the nutrients of the Aloe into the skin. It also helps to retain moisture in damaged tissue; the penetrating power of Aloe allows water and other moisturisers to sink deeply into the skin, therefore also making it ideal to use before applying your face cream. Collagen is a big factor in preventing skin ageing during menopause and Aloe Vera has been found to increase the production of fibroblast cells, these are the cells responsible for for producing collagen and it has been known to increase by up to eight times as much as normal cell production.

mailoutimagetonerStratum C Calming Toner uses a high level of active ingredients to give you the highest quality products. As well as Aloe Vera, which gives it a natural green hue, it also contains Hyaluron, Papaya, Cucumber, Sage and Orange Flower which all help to enhance the delivery of Coenzyme Q10 into the dermis. CoQ10 is an important anti-oxidant ingredient used in our Calming Toner, this active ingredient will prevent dry skin, ageing and a dull complexion by powerfully combating free radicals. Stratum C Calming Toner compliments our existing Gentle Cleanser with Rose Hip Seed Oil, giving you a complete regime for beautifully clean skin. Use the toner morning and night, after cleansing to deeply clean the pores, remove make up and bacteria, leaving it soft and replenished.

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Scientists uncover an immunity defence mechanism in patients with Psoriasis

Science is a fascinating thing. All the time, scientists and doctors make medical advances that help to prolong the life of the human race, and make it as healthy as possible. Recently, a skin specific study was carried out in Germany, that may help to relieve symptoms for many sufferers of the persistent skin condition, psoriasis. Though, the researchers surprisingly stumbled upon some game-changing results when they discovered a secret power in our immune systems, an antiviral protein name interleukin-29.

Thousands of people across the States and the EU suffer from skin complaints such as atopic dermatitis (eczema) and psoriasis. For years these complaints have been treated with creams and such, and it is well known that these types of ailments are classed as ‘viral’ infections, meaning that they cannot be treated with anti-biotics and it is up to your body’s immune system to fight the infection.

Researchers at the University of Medicine in Berlin have discovered that patients suffering from atopic dermatitis, produce less anti-viral proteins than patients that are suffering from psoriasis, which means that they have uncovered a new functionality of the immune system. In psoriasis patients, there is a certain type of anti-viral protein produced that is not present in atopic dermatitis patients, called interleukin-29.

The researchers claim that this discovery could help to create new treatments using the interleukin-29 protein, to treat ailments like psoriasis, but also other viral chronic inflammatory diseases, such as certain lung conditions where viral infection is a factor. This is fantastic news for the world of medicine, and even better news in the world of science, showing that the human body will never fail to surprise us.

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Traces of some plastics can cause hormone imbalance

According to a study, scientists believe that some traces of plastics that can be found in drinking water bottles may be harmful to your health.

In 2010, it was discovered that the use of BPA or Bisphenol A, could be found in many products including baby bottles, and that it could cause problems with our hormone levels, including having a possible impact on reproduction. The man made chemical has now been banned in some countries due to its dangerous properties, but the latest study finds that some other, yet similar, components found in plastics could be leaving traces in our drinking water too.

The scientists found that out of 18 bottles tested:

“Results of the sample analysis showed that 13 bottles of water demonstrated antiestrogenic activity, while 16 of the bottles showed antiandrogenic activity.”

So if your hormones are erratic enough already (due to menopause or any other hormone related reason!), maybe next time you fancy a refreshing beverage from your local supermarche, you should opt for the glass bottle packaging? Just remember to recycle the bottle afterwards!

To read more, see the official article at Medical News Today: