Annoying pimples? Stratum C Spot Relief can help…

As we get older, we often think of spots as something that we should only have in our teens, however numbers show that conditions such as adult acne are more commonly suffered in adults. Whilst there are several products on the market for treating such conditions, many people do not realise that as we begin to age, our skin dramatically changes, which can mean that some cleansing products are not suitable for more mature skin.

Teenage skin is sometimes more robust and, depending on the level of spots, can often withstand harsh skin care routines in an effort to get rid of impurities. When you approach menopause, the decline in hormone levels means that your skin can become more sensitive and also thinner.

Spot Relief SMALL This is why Stratum C chose to develop a Spot Relief lotion to help reduce inflammation, without using strong, damaging ingredients, allowing you to localise use and protect your sensitive skin.

The Stratum C Spot Relief is made up of Zinc Oxide, Sulphur and Salicylic acid, commonly used in many spot fighting products. But for this formula, ingredients are used in the right levels and with correct application to prevent damage to your skin. These ingredients work together to fight the redness and swelling, and improve the general appearance of blemishes. You may be tempted to shake the bottle but don’t! Let the pink sediment settle at the bottom, which becomes separated from the clear liquid at the top, which is protecting the active ingredients from being exposed to oxygen in the atmosphere. Take a cotton bud and dip it through the clear liquid and into the pink sediment, and dab onto the affected areas, leaving to dry. The active ingredients begin to work as they come into contact with oxygen. This should be repeated before bed time and left on through out the night to get to work. You can simply wash off in the morning using the Stratum C Gentle Cleanser to reveal a reduced pimple that is now on its way to healing. Cleanser Cropped SMALL

By using only on the local area of the spot, the active ingredients can do their job without drying out the rest of your skin, maintaining your skin’s natural oils as much as possible. This is ideal, as when skin becomes dry, the excess skin cells can often block pores, causing spots to form. The Stratum C range provides a Gentle Cleanser, full of seaweed extracts and vitamin’s from the natural Rose hip oil, to help clean your skin without stripping your skin of it’s goodness, but also replenishes vitamin’s lost during menopause. The Protect Cream and Repair Serum also compliment these cleansing products to help put back the nutrients lost during menopause and deliver hydration even into the lower levels of the dermis. Stratum C cream and serum also contain collagen boosting peptides, scientifically proven to increase natural collagen production using a simple topical application, no need for any invasive anti-wrinkle treatments.

For more information on the Stratum C range, visit, where you can find out more about the science behind menopause and the skin.