The preservative that has caused an ‘epidemic’ in the cosmetics world.

The latest news in the skin care world is the confirmation that a harmful chemical used as a preservative in many cosmetic products. The preservative¬†methylisothiazolinone (MI) has been linked with an ‘epidemic’ of adverse reactions reported by consumers. MI can be found in many products including shampoos, make up wipes and also some moisturisers, amongst other cosmetics.

Users have reported allergic reactions to the chemical and it seems the symptoms are all very similar; red spots, itchy skin, and in some cases swelling of the face have allegedly been caused by products such as Piz Buin sun cream.

A big relief is that Johnson & Johnson have removed any traces of MI from their production lines, therefore we can be safe in the knowledge that our children will not come in to contact with any nasty stuff.

Researchers presented findings earlier this year that showed there had been a rise in the amount of complaints regarding products containing the chemical. Which makes me wonder why the cosmetics companies didn’t react sooner to take preventative measures?

You can be safe in the knowledge that products from the Stratum C range do not contain the MI chemical and they are perfectly safe. They contain NO harmful ingredients and are designed for sensitive skin, to take extra special care of your complexion at the time when you need it most.

Be careful in the future when choosing which products you use on your skin. MI is not the only chemical that can cause reactions and it is always good to assess your skin type before choosing the right products for you. Dermatologists have asked the beauty industry to stop including MI in all products to ensure that there are no more purchases of the stuff made, but for all of those that think they may already own a few tainted pots that have been hidden away in the bathroom cabinet, it may be worth having a look to check that you are using the best creams and cleansers for your skin.

Remember that your skin, especially on your face, is your biggest feature and that it should be taken care of to the best of your ability. Keeping hydrated and using a good moisturiser is really important, see our Lifestyle tips page to get some more useful ideas for staying healthy and maintaining fabulous skin, especially during menopause.

To read more about MI, click on the article below released by The Huffington Post yesterday: