The ‘Men’-opause… study finds that changes in oestrogen affect men too.

Researchers at a hospital in Massachusetts have discovered that men can experience menopause too, even showing signs of similar kinds of symptoms to that of which us women go through too.

It has been discovered that when men reach a certain age, they can also experience symptoms such as low sex drive, hot flushes and weight gain. This has been thought to have been caused by a deficiency in the female hormone oestrogen, and not solely because of a drop in testosterone levels, as previously thought, which are actually predominantly responsible for muscle growth. The study was carried out on 400 men that agreed to have their hormone levels manipulated to see what happened. Those that had an decrease in natural oestrogen production, were shown to experience menopausal symptoms, just as women do, including a sudden decrease in sexual drive.

Therefore it turns out, it is in fact not testosterone that is responsible for masculinity at all, it is in fact the female hormone that causes the desire for intimacy. So next time a chap claims that he would prefer not to be in touch with his feminine side, you should remind him that it is not such a bad thing.

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