The best ways to look after your hands

As we prepare to introduce our fabulous new hand and nail care product, we thought it would be good to round up the best hand and nail care tips as we approach the cold Winter.

Hands are often the first sign of ageing. Over time they become worn and the prolonged exposure to the elements can take its toll.

hand cream_v2 smallStratum C have created a fabulous and unique hand and nail care product – the Complete 4 Total Hand Care Cream, addressing all aspects of hand care by combining scientifically proven ingredients which conquer age spots, wrinkles, sun damage and nail strengthening – all in one revolutionary new cream.

The formulation has been developed and produced in the UK over the past year by Forme Laboratories and uses a combination of ingredients which will make your hands feel revived, refreshed and renewed. There are 4 main targets that this cream addresses – skin ageing, age or ‘liver spots’ caused by hyper-pigmentation, nail strengthening and protecting your skin from the sun – the first product in the Stratum C line to combine SPF into their moisturiser.

SPF comes in many different forms and Stratum C has previously not included SPF ingredients due to the desire to keep the products simple and sensitive to problematic menopausal skin. Often, sun protection ingredients can become irritant to sensitive skin or have negative side effects, but the new Complete 4 cream uses ingredients that avoid the use of parabens and oxybenzone, commonly used in sun creams which can cause irritation to the skin. Complete 4 will protect your skin from 88% UV rays, whilst also helping to boost nail strength, collagen and reduce dark spots.

A revolutionary new ingredient called TEGO Cosmo has been included to break down age spots and prevent them from returning. This scientifically component suppresses the enzyme in your skin, Tyrosinase, helping to break down the build up of melanin which causes age spots to form. This ingredient has been shown to be more effective than Kojic acid and does not carry the dangerous carcinogen properties related to overuse of skin lightening elements like Hydroquinone.

Complete 4 also contains Matrixyl 3000 – the collagen boosting peptides which are used in Stratum C’s core product range, the Protect Cream and Repair Serum. Over time and as your oestrogen levels begin to subside, so does your collagen, which can have a devastating effect on skin ageing. Matrixyl has been shown to boost collagen levels by 70% when used over a 28 day period and continues to improve the longer you use it.

Complete 4 also uses splashes--hands--pouring-water--bacteria_3251878Keratin Amino Acids to help strengthen nails and condition the skin by replenishing levels of naturally occurring Keratin proteins, which are essential for maintaining a healthy structure for skin and nails.

For locking in moisture and making your hands soft and gentle, we have also included Shea Butter for its skin conditioning and moisturising properties, and Manketti Nut Oil – which is commonly used in sun protection, body butters and balms to protect the skin.

We have put together a list of everyday tips to help you make the most of caring for your hands and prevent further damage through exposure to the elements:

  • Always wear gloves when cleaning and washing up – having your hands in water for prolonged periods of time can cause the skin to become dry – try putting on moisturiser before you put your gloves on and afterwards to lock in the moisturising ingredientsyellow-gloves--cleaning--person--clean_3218467
  • Always wear gloves when it is cold – the cold can have a huge negative impact on hands as they are constantly being exposed to the outdoors
  • Moisturise regularly – and after every time your hands come into contact with water
  • Try to eat more fatty acids to improve overall skin health such as oily fish, avocado, nuts and seeds
  • Keep fingers moving to improve circulation, try daily exercises like drumming your fingers on a table or clenching and releasing your fists repeatedly for 5 minutes

Look out for more hand care tips throughout November and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for helpful links and content to help you take care of your skin during menopause.